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Salvage and Wreck Removal Service

Underwater Marine Salvage & Recovery Services

Al Amaq works very closely with most marine insurance companies. If a boat owner requires the use of our marine salvage and recovery services to salvage their boat or yacht, we can salvage through their marine insurance. 

What Does Marine Salvage and Recovery Cover?

If you think that you may need to utilise our salvage and recovery service then you can count on us to be able to provide:

  • Search and recovery services
  • Cranes and underwater rigging
  • Underwater cutting equipment
  • Underwater inspection and maintenance
  • Boat salvage diving services
  • Debris and seabed clearing

Each of these services allows us to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

We are on call 24/7 and ready to respond to any emergencies as well as providing planned recoveries or support for large projects.

Wreck Removal Services

Our Wreck Removal  department is an established and widely recognized contractor for SAFE, TIME EFFICIENT, COST-EFFECTIVE AND WITH THE LEAST RISK OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT on turnkey wreck removal solutions. It being full autonomic or integrated removal services, we have expanded our service offering to encompass our clients and their service needs.

With a long lasting track record and years of experience in project management, engineering, oil spill response, vessel management, management of marine operations including chartering of support vessels, environmental solutions, salvage diving, ROV operations, survey & positioning, underwater directional drilling, heavy lifting and pulling operations with chain pullers and winches provides us today the Wreck Removal specialist we are.


Salvage process

Wreck removal process


Our divers work in marine civil engineering, underwater salvage, shipping maintenance and powerboat/yacht maintenance and much more. If you need a commercial diver please call us or complete our website contact form.